Author: Łukasz Antończyk

Introduction to OTP

OTP (Open Telecom Platform) is a collection of Erlang runtime system, ready-to-use components and design principles. It is used to build scalable, distributed, concurrent and fault-tolerant applications. OTP behaviours are formalized design patterns that encapsulate common patterns (think of them as contracts or interfaces in object-oriented languages). They consist of a generic part (behaviour module) and a specific part (callback module). This article will focus on two behaviours: GenServers and Supervisors. We will see how we can use them to store todos.


Introduction to Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView is a library that allows to write interactive, real-time user interfaces with server-rendered HTML without using JavaScript. LiveView shares view functionality with standard server side rendered HTML. The difference is that LiveViews views are stateful with support of bidirectional communication between client and server. This allows to push updates to the client and reacts to client’s events. Server events are also supported.


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