Author: Jakub Wrona

Decomposition of a monolithic beast

Sit down in your chair and relax. Close your eyes and think about a system that you wouldn’t like to work on. What would it be like? Let’s check how much in common it would have with the one we have “inherited”.

  • Unsupported PHP 5.6
  • Unsupported Laravel 4.2
  • jQuery snippets used all over many different HTML files produced by Blade – Laravel’s templating engine.


That would be for the beginning. This system was supposed to be fed by an API and it partially was, however, during the most active development phase over 20 tables appeared in its own database, in most cases very “loosely related”, if at all. I believe that happened to speed up delivering short term functionality, but it actually illustrates the scale of the problem.


Yearning for a containerized setup? So do I… (part 1)

The “why” part
I am sure that if you’ve not been using docker so far, you’ve heard about docker and most probably you’ve read about it. It’s been a very popular topic for at least few years now. So I assume you have at least some knowledge about it.

I don’t want to describe the architecture of docker. There have been thousands of articles, webinars and screen casts about it.


Caching complex objects with Laravel 4.2 and Redis – part 1

Laravel supports various cache drivers out of the box. One of them is Redis. I am not going to describe Redis with it’s features and advantages here, it’s not the purpose of this document. The only important point in scope of this document is that Redis supports tags. Feel free to google a bit what is „cache tagging”.


PHPCon2015 oczami programisty…

W tym roku miałem przyjemność po raz drugi uczestniczyć w konferencji PHPCon – cyklicznej imprezie organizowanej przez Polish Linux User Group. W porównaniu z rokiem ubiegłym na uwagę zasługuje fakt, że liczba uczestników niemalże się podwoiła, tym samym organizator był niejako zmuszony znaleźć nowe, odpowiednie miejsce – Hotel Ossa w miejscowości Ossa (okolice Rawy Mazowieckiej).
W moim odczuciu miejsce bardzo dobre. Po całym dniu wykładów, przerywanych pysznymi posiłkami, można się było odpowiednio zregenerować w komfortowych, dobrze urządzonych pokojach.


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